Hey there, I am Susan Sicafuse. A wife, a mommy to 3 of the most outgoing amazing children (Trent-17, Caylee-6 & Peyton-2) and a coffee obsessed craft-aholic. After graduating college I went and worked for a local small attorney.Eventually finding out that it was not what I wanted so I moved on to an Investment Firm and worked there for almost 7 years. This was the place, where I discovered my love and passion for crafting and home decor. It all started with a craftshow and I quickly realized that THIS was what I wanted and needed to do. So I started off having a traveling wood sign paint party and custom sign making side biz. Still working full time and raising two kiddos at the time. Then in the fall of 2017, my world took a crazy turn and I signed up to be a Chalk Couture designer, I know, a direct sales company! Something I never had any interest in and infact I ran far and fast from "those" people! HAHA and here I am, now a direct sales consultant. But Chalk Couture was different for me, it didnt seem like a direct sales kind of company because I was doing exactly what they were offering except, I learned I was doing it the extreamly hard way for so long. I would spend hours designing, cutting, and weeding a stencil all so I could use it and throw it away and start the process all over again. It was tiring and exhausting prepping for parties. Not only did I prep the stencils, I would prep all the wood signs too with shopping, hauling it home, cutting it all then the dreaded sanding two times. I put countless hours into one party and and pay never matched my hours worked! With Chalk Couture, I didnt have to design, weed and then start all over again after my one sign because, you guys, it is reusable!!! Say What?!! Head spinning for me! And if I wanted to, I could use my own wood surface, but if I didnt want to, then Chalk Couture has apletheria of surfaces to choose from. They have Chalk boards in different sizes, pallet signs, Wood framed signs, cloth banners, pillows, make up bags, OMG I could go on and on, but I won't. 
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