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Are you ready to have BRANDED and more BEAUTIFUL live videos?


  • Forgot to turn your camera around?

  • Had things showing backwards to your people?

  • Had your phone camera focusing in and out?

  • Had grainy video that annoyed your watchers?

  • Wanted to have text or graphics on your video but no clue how to do it?


This was me! I was frustrated and determined to find a way to have GORGEOUS and PROFESSIONAL lives without paying a professional to do them! I wanted a free solution and one I could do myself!


Well, I found my program but it took me two years to learn all the ins and outs for what I wanted to do to create amazing live videos. 


And then people started do you do that? And I realized...I could save my fellow live video producers, tons of time, money, frustration and tears by teaching them what I had to learn myself over the course of two years and hours of work.


And that’s just what I did.


Introducing the BRAND YOUR LIVE VIDEO course!


For you, there is no need to research. 


*I will be there showing you step by step.

*I will give you the tips and tricks and resources

*I will have live Q & A to answer any questions you still may have.


Sure everyone is doing lives because video content is key right now...but you want to stand out. You want to have stunning, scroll-stopping videos that attract people to stop and watch!


And I can teach you and help you set up exactly that!

Can you imagine clearer videos? 

Having your logo on the screen? 

Scrolling text with your website to sell product?

Scrolling text to get your audience to interact?


I have been asked on many occasions to teach how I do my FaceBook lives. Though, I wish it was as easy as, typing it out and telling others, it is not. Truthfully, I spent two years learning and researching to go live the way I do. The best way I can teach you, is to show you.


I have created 6 videos for this course that will teach you and include:

  • Video to show you the equipment I use for my videos, with a live Q & A

  • Video showing the program I use and where to download for FREE, with a live Q & A

  • Video on the introduction into the program, with a live Q & A

  • Video on how to add front facing camera and overhead camera, with a live Q & A

  • Video on how I create branded content to add to my videos with bonus content, with a live Q & A 

  • Video to stream to FaceBook and go live, with a live Q & A

This is a six week guided course within a private Facebook group where the videos are bite sized and released once a week so you can watch them, then go implement them. A few days after each release I go live to answer any questions you may have and show you how to fix whatever problem you are having.

Here are a few need to know before you sign up:

  • I've been asked, "Can I use my phone as a camera?" And the short answer is...No, you cannot use your phone as a camera, but I do show a bonus of how you can use your phone to help during lives, just not as a camera. Web cameras are used but you can supplement a webcam with your laptop camera.

  • A laptop is needed, it is your Hub and control station. These are the min requirements that the program requires. Please be sure you have the minimum specs.






















So you are probably asking yourself, what will I gain from taking this course?


  • Your videos and lives will look and feel professional!

  • Branded videos can cause clients to watch longer and interact more!

  • You will be taken seriously within your industry.

  • It is a tax write-off 

This course is no longer being offered at this time. Please sign up below for emails and I will notify you when I am offering this again.

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