DIY Painting Workshops FAQ

What is a DIY Paint Party?

With a DIY Paint Party I provide to you 3 hours of learning and creating!! You invite your friends to your house or selected venue and have a fabulous creative evening! I will bring everything needed to create a gorgeous framed wood sign you'll be proud to display and show off. Youand your guests will choose your design no later than 1 week prior to your party, then at the party, you'll choose your colors, your style!  No art skills are necessary, I promise!!

Is there a minimum amount of guest attending?

Parties at your location

I do require a minimum of 10 paid guest to reserve your parties date/time at YOUR location. If you have 10 paid guest then you will get your $25 booking deposit back. Your guests' design will have to be selected and paid no later than a week before your party (7 days). Also one week prior to the party the price will go up by $10 for late/rush fees, this encourages guest to sign up by the deadline. Wednesday before your party, your listing will be closed, no more registrations will be accepted.

***Please note that if you do not have the required 10 guests before your party then you can reschedule or you can choose to have your party at CrowsLanding.

Hosting at CrowsLanding

If you choose at the time of your booking to host at CrowsLanding then you and your guest will receive 15% off your signs. It is still required for the guest to be paid no later then one week before your party. After that the price will be added a $10 late fee. 

If you have to switch the location to CrowsLanding due to not enough signups, then you will still pay the regular price of the signs. 

What is my role

as a Hostess

As a hostess you are responsible for securing a date and time by booking the party and paying the deposit. It is up to you for the location whether it would be your house or a venue, have enough tables and chairs for your guests. A table for me to display the paint and stain. Remind everyone to register before the deadline, inform guest that the party is for registered guest only. As the event gets closer remind the guest that have registered when and where the event is located. I do create a FaceBook event on CrowsLanding page and in order for me to add you as Co-host we will need to be Fb friends. The Fb events are perfect for me to list the links to the designs and your party listing, for me to post deadlines and answer questions your guest may have. Snacks and drinks are nice to have but are not required.


I have over 200 Designs to choose from, including Christmas and Patriotic, Farmhouse, Inspirational/Religious, Family, Last name with Est. Date, Lake designs, Outdoor design, Around the house designs and currently 43 Kid designs. The sizes of each sign is listed with the design, but a few of the sizes are 16x16, 16x24, 12x17, 12x24, 8x24........I will always be adding different designs based on the popularity and request for them. You and your guest are more than welcome to choose from any of the designs. Some though are seasonal and will not always be available (i.e Christmas, Thanksgiving, Patriotic, Easter etc...)

Pricing / Refunding

 A deposit of $25.00 is due at the time of booking, and refunded at the event as long as the minimum number of people have registered and paid (10 guests plus host). The cost to register for the DIY party starts at $25.00 per guest, which require payment in full no later then one week before your party. The price of the class includes 2-3 hours with a professional and knowledgeable teacher, table covers, prepped wood (cut and sanded), ready made stencils, paintbrushes, sponges, paint and stain and wood frame.

Due to the preparation required and custom nature of the DIY workshops, I do not provide a refund,  If you can not attain the minimum amount of 10 guest - then you can host the party at CrowsLanding, or you can have credit for a future workshop scheduled with in 90 days.

If a guest can not attend or needs to cancel, then they can use their registration fee as a future credit for booking a party or by buying a sign in the store as long as its done a week prior to the party, as I have the stencil already cut for the party. If it is less than a week from the party, then they are more than welcome to host a DIY party and use the stencil towards their party or take it and paint at home, I can also complete the sign for them.

How do my guest register for my DIY Paint Party?

Once the hostess has registered for a date and time, I will create a listing in the store for her guest to go and register. I will also create a FB event and make you co-host (but this requires us to be FB friends), this is greate way to invite your guest, a place for me to answer questions and post updates. I will also post a video on how to navigate my webpage if you choose for your guest to pick from any of my designs.  Your guest can also come to this page and click on the button below "Join a Party."Each design has a Product No. that they will inform me at check out in the comments section. If they choose a personalized sign they will need to also provide their information (i.e. Last name, first names, established Date....) All payments and design selections will need to be done through the store.

What is the process for the set up and tear down? 

I will arrive between 15-30 minutes prior to start of event (depending on size of group), and all tables/chairs should be setup BEFORE I arrive.  I will provide table covers and all supplies. Tear-down will take approx 30 mins as well.  We do require access to running water to fill water cups and clean brushes afterwards.  I also require access to electrical outlets for blow dryers (to speed up drying time between paint layers).

What should we wear? 

I do provide full length aprons for you to wear, but it does not cover everything. I would suggest that you wear something that you would not mind getting paint on. As much as we hate to see it, accidents do happen, paints spill and splatter.Even though my chalk paint is water based, and it will wash off your skin, it will not however wash out of your clothes.

Are there any safety 


I do supply sanding blocks for guest and if the host allows, I also offer the use of an electrical sander. If one or more of guest have asthma or any health issues, it is best for them to consult with their Doctor. 

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