What is this awesomeness you speak of??

DIY Clubhouse is a place to come together with like-minded people who share the love of crafting, creating and being apart of a community!! 

If you can answer yes to any of these questions...

     then you are in the right place in joining me in the DIY Clubhouse

  • A pinterest looker, but not a doer

  • Go to the craft shows or stores, look at something and think, i can make that, but don't!

  • Love trying new crafts and techniques with helpful tips and tricks to hone in or your skill

  • Want to be apart of a community

  • Do you ever hide your craft thinking, its not good enough?

  • Love to craft but need guidance on materials, tools etc...

  • Are an indivual who wants new ideas or a business looking to add new crafts to your workshops or items to sell

  • Want to sell, but need that confidence!

  • Love knowing you made something and want to show the world!!

  • Love pinterest, but so over clicking on a site to read the tutorial and you have to scroll forever or the link is broken

Benefits of joining

  • Gain access to the DIY Clubhouse for an UNBELIEVABLE price of $10.00 a month!!

  • Being apart of a community with like-mined people

  • Access to a private FaceBook group

  • Special clubhouse discounts on anything I can make for you, like stencil or wood box, etc...

  • 1-3 crafts a month!! With a PDF shopping list!

  • Live shopping trips so you know EXACTLY what Im buying and WHERE!!

  • Live tutorials where I can answer your questions!!

  • Your opinion counts! I may be the founder, but we are a community!

  • Fill out a google doc that lets me know all about you!!


What is the subscription? 

All subscriptions consist of 1 monthly payment billed every 30 days.

How do I gain access?

Once you subscribe, you will be redirected to the DIY Clubhouse facebook group. From there you'll request to join and answer a question. I will then add you as soon as I am able to verify you!!

Will I always have access to the videos?

As long as your a member, YES! I will not be removing them.

How does this membership work?

in the begining of the month, I will post a PDF for each project we do with an inspiration photo, along with your shopping lists for materials, supplies and tools. Also alternative if you do not have the tool then I will also post when the live will take place (date and time). I will give you plenty of time to order materials if needed and to go shopping.