Fundraisers with CrowsLanding

I am a proud supporter of my community and surrounding areas! Nothing makes me more proud than people coming together for a great cause and one goal in mind! I love to see when humanity puts aside their own needs and personal wants to help out an organization, family or cause in need. I want to join in and give back to my community and the great organizations that make up who we are and what we are about by offering discounted classes and fundraisers. My fundraisers are perfect for schools, teams, Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts, Boosters Clubs, churches, Charitable Organizations or a family in need.

Requirements for Fundraisers:

A $25.00 deposit is required at the time of booking and will be refunded as long as the minimum number of people have registered and paid. Your deposit is non-refundable in the event that the fundraiser is cancelled.

  • Minimum for a fundraiser is 15 people with no maximum. 

  • My rate for fundraisers are $35 per person. Anything you charge above this rate, is kept by the Organization.Most groups charge anywhere from $50-$65 per person.

  • I give you the option to select up to five designs from my design gallery or four designs and to have myself design something specifically for your organization or event. (no personalization will be allowed)

  • I will be at your location an hour and a half before the event is set to start for set up. Please have all tables and chairs set up prior to my arrival. Please make sure I have access to water and an electrical outlets.

  • All materials and supplies with be provided by CrowsLanding in including table covers, stencil, wood, paint, stain, brushes, sponges, wood frame, and all supplies needed to complete your sign.

  • I and my staff will provided your guest with step by step instructions to complete their sign.

  • At the end of the class your guest will have a completed framed sign ready to hang on their wall when they get home.


  • There is a travel fee of $25.00 when your event is held 1 hour away from my location. (New Middletown, Ohio 44442)


  • Once you book your event with CrowsLanding, I will create a listing in my store for your guest to purchase their design with the design option that you have chosen and/or created. I will also create a FaceBook event on my CrowsLanding Facebook page and make you Co-host so that you can invite and share the event. (Facebook will require us to be friends in order to be co-host, so after the event you can delete me, or you can choose to set up your own event on your page and list the links to my store for their purchase) The booking page will close one week prior to the event for the preparation of the signs and stencils. Within 48 hours of the event I will issue your organization a check for the fundraising portion of each sign (what ever your upcharge was per sign)


  • Teardown takes approximately 1 hour and I do ask for access to running water for the cleaning of the brushes.