How to use Chalk Couture

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Chalk Couture is as easy as place, paste, peel and reveal. Alot of the times, people think that they can only use our transfers on chalk boards, but that is not the case. You can use it on wood, glass, mirrors, metal, white boards, plastic and haha yes even as temporary tatoos!! And with our inks, you are not limited to what I just mentioned, you can use it on fabrics, canvases, burlap and ribbon too!

First, you will want to pull the the white backing off of the transfer. Then if you are using a hard surface, make sure you fuzz with our  fuzzing cloth once or twice to pick up some lint and make it less sticky. Next, place your transfer on your hard surface and press to make sure you do not have any air bubbles around the silkscreed part.

Second, you will take your squeegee and the chalkology paste color of your choice and spread the paste over your transfer to cover all of the silk screen parts. Next, with your squeegee, you will squeegee off the excess paste and place it back in the jar.

Now, here is the exciting part! You are going to take the top two corners  and pull the trasfer back off off your surface!! Don't pull at a diagonal, it will stretch the transfer. eeekkkkks!! Did you just squeal? I did and do each time I pull those transfers!

Lastly, stand back and admire your amazing piece of artwork! Now go run and tell everyone you know, just how amazing this truly is!!

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