This is a 19x21" picture frame, that will hold an 8x10' picture either vertical or horizontal. Choose from my 2 predesigned designs.

HOME \hom\, noun A place where you can rest your head and your heart and everything feels safe; the place where the people you care about live, where you are not alone

FAMILY \fam-uh-lee\, noun A group of people who genuinely love, trust, care about, and look out for each other. A real family bond cannot be broken by any mean.

Or you can give me your quote.

If you choose your own quote, then please know, I will copy and paste it in my design program and cut the stencil from that. Please check your spelling and grammer, recuts and fixes will be $5.00

Finished Picture Frame

$43.00 Regular Price
$38.00Sale Price
Inner Frame Color
Outer Picture frame color
direction of frame