I want to say thank you and welcome to 

Branding Your Video Course!

Now that you have purchased this course, I wanted to tell you how this will run so that you can carve out the time to complete this course and to get your lives and your videos up and looking professional, successfully!

  • Every Wednesday morning (7am est) starting May 6th a new video (and file if applicable) will be uploaded into our private FaceBook group. Shortly after a GIF will be posted afterwards for you to ask any questions you have regarding that video. Post your questions there, so they are all organized.

  • The following Monday after the video is posted, I will go live with you in the group to answer any questions from the Ask Questions thread (or if you are live and ask questions, I will answer them also).

At the end of the course, I will leave the group active for one week and then the group will be archived. You will still have access to all of the videos and content, but you will not be able to comment or ask questions. 

It is important that you follow along and ask your questions so that you get up and running. After the course, I will offer a one time sign up for a one on one session with me to help you get set up if you need me. (more information will be available once the course is over)

But, for right now,

click that link below and get into the BRANDING YOUR LIVE FB GROUP!!!

Introduce yourself with a live video and you will be entered to win an ARKON stand to help get you started!!

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